The Women in Economics Initiative

was established to advance gender equality in the field of economics. Our goal is to encourage equal opportunity and balanced representation of genders in the economics profession across the academic, business and public sectors.

We want to: 


by highlighting the valuable contributions that women have already made, and continue to make, in the study and application of economics;


and facilitate a dialogical network across countries, genders, disciplines, sectors and career stages, in order to explore the roles, opportunities and challenges of women in economics, and;


all people, but especially women, to become agents of change in economics, so that we may all benefit from more inclusive, dynamic and effective economic discourse.

Interactive platform

Our website will provide an open and interactive online platform through which a diverse group of economists, both junior and senior, can communicate to share their research and professional experiences.

Research submissions

We welcome submissions for articles from women economists on their work, and others regarding gender issues in the field of economics, as well as relevant research findings and opinion pieces.


We support women economists in their professional and personal development by hosting skill-sharing workshops, expert presentations and professional networking events.

The Women in Economics Index
Tracking Progression in Economics

The path towards gender equality in economics starts with providing clear and transparent information about the current status of women economists around the world. The WiE Index records and monitors the presence of women in senior positions in key academic, business and public sector institutions across Europe, the OECD and globally.