Researcher - WiE Index 2020

Are you a data nerd interested in joining a young team of economists who are passionate about gender, economics and research? The Women in Economics Initiative (WiE) is looking for a new team member to contribute to the The Women in Economics Index 2020.

The annual WiE Index monitors the presence of women economists in senior positions across key academic institutions, the private and public sectors globally. With the first report released in 2019, each year we collect data on a set of variables, aggregate them into an index and publish a summary of our findings. In this way we aim to assess the development of women’s representation in leadership roles in the economics profession over time and publish the results in order to further transparency and encourage a constructive dialogue.

This opportunity is well-suited to a young economics professional or researcher who is interested in becoming more active in analyzing and discussing gender equality within the economics profession. This topic is currently highly pertinent, and the access to data and the subsequent analysis would provide a suitable base for future research projects. Being a part of the WiE team also gives you access to a network of young professional economists, exclusive workshops and events, as well as the opportunity to help shape and grow an up-and-coming professional network.

As a Researcher on the WiE Index 2020, your tasks will involve spending approximately 2 hours per week in the lead up to publication assisting in:

  • gathering, cleaning and checking data on women economists’ representation in the academic, public and private sector,
  • data analysis and visualisation for the WiE Index 2020,
  • drafting and proofreading the final WiE Index 2020 report, and
  • further development of the empirical methodology and creation of automated tools for data retrieval.

We are looking for candidates who:

  • are enthusiastic about WiE’s mission of encouraging gender equality and diversity in the economics profession,
  • have knowledge of statistics at the level of at least one undergraduate course on statistics and knowledge of principles of data visualization,
  • have knowledge of Excel or at least one statistical computing software (R, Stata, etc.)
  • work reliably both in teams and individually, and
  • have good English skills.


The selected applicant will work closely with WiE’s Head of Research Philip Hanspach ( who is also happy to answer any questions on WiE’s work and this position.

Please note that The Women in Economics Initiative is run entirely by unpaid volunteers and also this opportunity is an unpaid volunteer position.

We are looking forward to receiving your application!

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