Samantha Greenwald

As an editor at WiE, Samantha is responsible for editing, proofreading and drafting opinion pieces, interviews, and reports. In addition to this, Samantha is an active member of the WiE research team with a focus on survey development and the use of online and social media analytics. 

Samantha studied Finance and Spanish at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Currently, she resides in New York City and works at CNN as a Financial Analyst.

Aylin Shawkat
Strategic Partnerships
As a strategic partnership manager at WiE, Aylin focuses on identifying and creating relevant collaboration opportunities with universities, companies and think tanks. 
Aylin studied Business Administration and Economics at the University of Frankfurt and holds a Masters degree in Applied Economic Analysis from Stockholm School of Economics, with a particular focus on gender policy. Currently, Aylin lives in Berlin and works as a business developer at the Swedish trade and invest council.
Julia Schmitjans

As researcher at WiE, Julia’s tasks include data acquisition, compilation and analysis to continuously update and improve the Women in Economics Index. The index monitors the representation of female economists in leadership positions differentiating between academia, the private and public sector.

Julia is a green finance expert and economist at IPC GmbH where she is advising financial institutions operating in emerging and developing economies on green lending approaches, impact reporting as well as topics related to development finance (including gender finance). She received her MSc in International Economics and Economic Policy from the Goethe University, Frankfurt and her BSc in Economics and Spanish Philology from the University of Potsdam. During her studies she specialized in development economics and applied microeconomics, analyzing amongst other things the effects of financial inclusion.

Pia Molitor

As part of the Research Team, Pia is helping with the WiE Index focusing on the Academic Sector.

Pia received her bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of Bonn and worked at the Institute of Labor Economics (IZA) as a student assistant. In her bachelor thesis she analyzed different aspects of part-time work where her interest in various gender related topics deepened.

Nicolas Meys

Nicolas is a graduated student in Economics (M.Sc.) at the University of Cologne. He received his B.Sc. in Economics from the University of Bonn. As an intern at Deutsche Bundesbank, he worked on a report revolving around the topic Green Finance and Central Bank Involvement. Before, Nicolas worked as a student assistant at the Institute of Labor Economics (IZA) in Bonn, where he assisted in the following research projects: IRSDACE, Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue in the Age of Collaborative Economy, Online Talent Platforms, Labour Market Intermediaries and the Changing World of Work, and The Impact of Indoor Climate on Human Cognition: Evidence from Chess Tournaments. Fields of interest include: the emerging opportunities and challenges of digitisation, particularly in the context of labour economics; the dynamics of incorporating climate risks into stability analysis.

Marta Martin Grund

As part of the research team, Marta's main role is to conduct the research for the private sector pillar for the 2020 WiE Index.

Marta is currently studying Economics and Politics at the University of Glasgow. She lives in Glasgow, Scotland however she originally comes from Malaga, Spain.

Catalina Posada

Catalina did a double degree program in Economics beween the University of EL Rosario in Bogota and Toulouse School of Economics. She is enrolled in the master's program of Tououse School of Economics and she is currently doing an exchange program at the University of Oslo for her first year of master's degree. She is also a member of the TSEconomist student magazine association.

Chiara Toietta
Event Manager

Chiara recently joined WiE as a member of the Editorial Team to help with the organization of events and podcasts.  

Chiara studied International Economics and Finance at Bocconi University and holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. She’s currently working as a junior consultant at SIRIS Academic in Barcelona, where she’s helping to design and implement strategies and policy solutions in the field of higher education and research.

Ella Needler

Ella is currently an undergraduate student at Washington University in St. Louis studying economics and finance. Her academic interests include the history of economic thought, economic history, macroeconomics and behavioural economics. Last summer, she researched in the archives at King’s College Cambridge reading through the Keynes papers in order to explain John Maynard Keynes’ interpretation and understanding of the Great Depression. This summer, Ella will be interning at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis with the FRASER team in the economic research department.

Merve Demirel

Merve is a research assistant at the Stockholm School of Economics and will soon be an Economics PhD student at Stockholm University. Her main research interests are in development and labour economics, where a focus on gender becomes inevitable. Before he masters, she worked with a number of organisations focusing on providing migrant women with a sustainable source of income, and fostering cooperation between private sector and civil society in Turkey.

Charlotte Raab

Charlotte Raab is currently  a Master ́s student of International Economics at the University of Göttingen, she received her Bachelor ́s degree from the University of Mannheim.
Especially the matter of gender equality in general and within the field of economics in particular is an issue which she is very passionate about, for instance in my Bachelor thesis she worked on the root problems of dynamic gender gaps in the labor market analyzing the tradeoff between career aspirations, perceived and actual discrimination and policy interventions that are needed to tackle the problem.

Julia Park

Prior to receiving her Masters in International Affairs- International Economics, Julia aided in the establishment of the first repatriation site in Myanmar. Since then, she has worked with Innovations for Poverty Action in Yangon, running the pilot stages of a randomized control trial, and also with the Secretary of Health of Sindh, Pakistan, developing a strategy to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality rates. Julia currently works as an analyst for the Chairman of UC Berkeley Haas School of Urban Economics, providing advice and forecasts on economic and demographic trends across various markets throughout the United States.