Our vision

We envision complete equality of opportunity between genders in the field of economics & a more balanced representation of genders in the economics profession.

On a mission
  • Recognise and increase awareness of the contributions women make in the study and application of economics.
  • Encourage contributions by women economists to economic research, policy and business, in order to foster a diverse range of perspectives.
  • Support women economists in their professional and personal development, thus empowering women to take on more leadership roles.
  • Encourage awareness, cooperative dialogue and dynamic approaches to challenging the power imbalances which exist in the field of economics, especially between genders.


  • Provide an open, transparent and cooperative platform which increases dialogue between various stakeholders in economic fields such as business, politics, academia and civil society regarding issues of equality and inclusion.
  • Create an open forum for economists to discuss contemporary issues, such as inequality of opportunity and representation, as well as share experiences and advice.
  • Provide accessible networking opportunities for economists, and especially women interested in economics.
  • To present and discuss conceptualisations and applications of economics beyond the traditional normative framework.
  • Provide skill sharing opportunities for women economists on a variety of topics, including leadership, presentation skills and dealing with prejudices in the workplace.
  • Encourage mentoring relationships.

the following principles guide us along the way


We believe in open and active collaboration to meet mutually beneficial goals. Internally, our decision-making processes are participatory, democratic and deliberative. Externally, we aim to cooperate with and support a diverse range of organisations with goals and principles similar to our own.


We want to build a diverse organisation which welcomes and presents a variety of perspectives on economics. We support and welcome constructive input from people of every gender identity, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, ability, location, background and sector.


WiE was built to support and connect women who are interested in economics. We want to create a network that fosters assistance, advice, resources, alliances and opportunities for all women, free from judgmental or paternalistic impositions. We strive to continuously recognise and reflect on our own respective privileges, and to use them to engage with and incorporate others while remaining open to constructive criticisms of our work.


We operate our organisation in an honest and accountable manner, and hope to promote greater transparency in the field of economics as well. The Women in Economics Index does this by providing up-to-date evidence on the balance of gender representation in core economic sectors.


We are an open, inclusive and intersectionally-minded organisation pursuing fair opportunities and diverse representation in economic discourse. While our core focus is on the active participation of women in economics, this is never at the expense of, or in opposition to, any other marginalised identities. We support the inclusion of trans, non-binary and genderqueer people in economics and in WiE.


We encourage our members to be actively involved in WiE, and are constantly seeking new and diverse contributions. For example, we welcome feedback, creative input, event suggestions or any other idea which furthers the aims of the initiative.


We endeavour to explore and present new perspectives and innovative approaches, with the aim of challenging and reinventing the status quo.


As an organisation, and individually, we respect others' views, feelings, opinions and experiences, while also respecting our own needs and practising self-care.