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Career Chat #3: PhD Choice & Applications

Event Start Date:
November 3, 2021
Event End Date:
November 3, 2021
Event Venue:

Date(s) - 03/11/2021
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


During WiE’s third “Career Chat,” seven Ph.D. students and economists explained the application processes for Ph.D. programs in their respective countries. The speakers represented programs in the US, the UK, Sweden, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands. Generally, each country’s Ph.D. programs have their own application processes and distinct program characteristics. For example, in the US, applicants can apply with a Bachelor’s degree and receive full funding during their programs. In most of the European countries, applicants need a quantitative Master’s degree to apply, though some Italian and Dutch programs only require a Bachelor’s. The length and structure of most European and US programs are very similar; most range from 4-6 years and offer a structured curriculum. German programs are a notable exception, as they have no fixed curriculum.

The speakers also offered general tips for successfully applying to and completing Ph.D. programs. Some of the highlights and common tips include:

●Choose a school based on the field you are interested in, as well as faculty publications and post-doctoral placements.

●Ask yourself if you enjoyed writing your masters’/undergraduate thesis enough to conduct

research for 3+ years.

●While researching, choose a topic you really enjoy and be open to harsh and early feedback.

●Seek out the help of your peers and professors to succeed.