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Climbing Up the Academic Ladder

Event Start Date:
June 8, 2021
Event End Date:
June 8, 2021
Event Venue:

Date(s) - 08/06/2021
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Climbing up the academic ladder was a Q&A session with Dr. Dominika Langenmayr from University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt and Dr. Nora Strecker from University College Dublin. The two women shared their advice and thoughts on tackling the job market, networking and building connections with other economists while combatting social anxiety, and deciding on a career in academia.

One insight from Langenmayr was her advice on navigating the tenure track while having a family. Her willingness and openness to share her personal experience provided great information and points to remember when climbing up the academic ladder. Another insight was Strecker’s explanation on the importance of finding a supportive supervisor for one’s Ph.D. studies.

Both panelists agreed if they could go back to the beginning of their Ph.D., they would try to meet and talk to more guest speakers after the seminars and at conferences. They encourage students to go for exchange semesters, as this experience can only benefit them — through changing their perspective and learning something the home institution does not offer. One last tip our speakers shared was that everyone should ask senior colleagues more frequently for help.

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Key take-aways:

Whether you are cut out for academia depends on:
1. if you can be successful (have the option to)
2. if it makes you happy

If you attempt an academic career, have a backup option in case it does not work out or you don’t like it.

Talk to as many guest speakers and other academics as you can.

Co-authoring and working together generally might work best with people only slightly advanced to you, not seniors.

Be proactive with your career, job choices, and networking. No one will hold your hand but people will support you.