How Can Your Business Support The Women In Economics Initiative?

There are many ways for businesses active in the economics profession or related fields to collaborate with WiE to support our cause and contribute to diversity in economics.


Sponsorships provide mutual benefits by supporting WiE’s growth and providing your organisation with access to valuable base of Economists and knowledge.

We have a three-tier sponsorship programme, each with varying levels of benefits, e.g. early event access, social media announcements or lectures.

How to become a sponsor?

In order to ensure that the collaboration between WiE and your organisation is mutually beneficial, we follow a three step process:

  1. An initial conversation to discuss and identify shared values, goals and audiences between our organisations.
  2. Decide on a sponsorship tier or other form of support that is most fitting.
  3. The sponsorship agreement is signed by both organisations’ respective legal representatives.


  • Co-hosting events or workshops
  • Patronage/sponsoring of events
  • Referrals to potential speakers or contributors
  • We regularly feature women economists and their work on our website. Refer us to your women economists so they can present their work!
If you are interested and would like to know more about ways to collaborate, please get in touch with us via the form below.
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