How can you as an individual participate or contribute to the Women in Economics Initiative?

Aside from following along with our content and events, there are other ways you as an individual can get involved. First, if you are not already a member but would like to get involved, it's easy to  sign up as a member.


The Women in Economics Initiative wants to highlight a variety of voices within the field of economics. So we encourage our members to submit external contributions to be shared across our platforms. Please see the guide attached below to learn more about the process. 

WiE External Contribution Guide (PDF)


See our page on the mentoring programme for more information.



In past, we have hosted events exclusive to our members such as the Q & A session, Climbing Up the Academic Ladder. Check out the list of our events for upcoming member-exclusive events.


WiE’s members are spread across the globe. The Country Ambassador Programme (CAP) aims to create regional hubs for women and non-binary economists in different regions to connect, meet-up and enable a more local dialogue. To run the CAP, WiE is looking for country ambassadors whose work at WiE will focus on the specific countries or regions in which they are based. Sounds interesting to you? Please click here to see the Call for Ambassadors.

Do you have another way you would like to get involved? Feel free to get in touch with us through the form below.

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