To empower the next generation of young economists, the Women in Economics Initiative is proud to announce our Mentoring Programme. Please find information on our Fall 2021 pilot edition and the call for applications below.

Call for mentors

We are looking for mentors to join our Women in Economics Mentoring Programme!

If you…
… want to share your experience and empower the next generation of economists
… want to mentor female and non-binary identifying young economists
… want to reflect on your own career, work, or leadership style
… are anywhere between late Bachelor studies and an experienced professional career
… are happy to commit one hour per month of your time
We would love to welcome you as a WiE Mentor!
You can sign up here as a mentor and find additional details below.
If you want to alert other people who might be interested in becoming a mentor, feel free to distribute our flyer:

Call for mentees

We are looking for mentees to join our Women in Economics Mentoring Programme!

If you…
… are a young economist
… identify as a woman or as non-binary
… want to receive guidance on your career, studies or personal development
… want to receive guidance from an experienced economist
… study economics or are at the early stage of a career in economics-related fields
… are a member of WiE (become a member here)
You can apply to become a mentee in our WiE mentoring program!
You can sign up here as a mentee and find additional details below.

The WiE mentoring programme – Fall 2021 pilot

Who are we looking for?
Mentees: Open to all WiE members with an economics background (or related) who identify as women or non-binary
Mentors: Everyone with an economics background (or related) is welcome. Whatever the stage of your career, we want to hear from you!
⇒We especially welcome young economists in later stages of their studies or early careers who want to become both mentors and mentees!

⇒10 months program starting Oct 2021
⇒A kick-off session to welcome you and a graduation session to mark your achievement
⇒Suggest 1 hr+/month commitment
⇒Virtual mentoring meetings
⇒You decide the topics to discuss: these can be professional, academic, or personal

Sign up!
If you would like to take part as a mentor or a mentee (or both!), please complete the application using the links in the calls for mentors and mentees above.  Places are limited, first-come-first-served!

Date of closing sign-up for the first round mentoring: 30th of September, 2021!

Next steps
After you sign up:
⇒ We will email you in the next several weeks if your application is successful and match you with a mentor/mentee. (If there are capacity constraints, you may be put on a waiting list and/or invited to join our next mentoring programme)
⇒ Prior to the kick-off session, we will provide you with guidelines and best practices for making the best out of your mentorship experience!

We look forward to hearing from you!
If there are any questions or comments, please contact us at and we will be happy to get back to you shortly.